Saturday, 17 January 2009

ye olde universitye.

I have decided to spell things with Es at the end so that they look more British. Ok. Maybe I just decided to do that for the title alone... you decide..

I have been in my apartment now for about 2 weeks now, and I love it! Three girls to an entire apartment compared to 14 girls in one room is heavenly.. (I mean.. I do miss the London girls.. but now I have a kitchen, and 2 couches! and that my friends, sends this place way over the top). The only problem is, when I open my door, it's not Palace Court... and when I walk through Narnia, it goes to campus and not to Hyde Park. Don't worry though, I'm betting that these glitches will be fixed soon enough. :)

I now have class at the glorious hour of 8am every day (oh yeah. spanish.) which is the time of day that I get woken up quite quickly in the balmy 9 degree weather. Other than that though, I only have 2 other classes, both of which I love dearly. (I'm definitely happy not having any english or humanities classes, so I'm thinkin' that was a good choice to change my major..) Then, as of yesterday, I have a job every day from 2-5, also something that I'm quite happy about :). (I now have so much power, it's disgusting..)

Cooking for myself is a joy, especially because I can "cook" sandwiches and wraps like none other.. I'm also great at making mac and cheese and varying soups from a can. I can also pour orange juice into a glass and drink it with grace that should be rewarded with a trophy, money, or just praise and adoration. :)

Cleaning is also something that I have learned that I enjoy. My kitchen floor now glows with the whiteness of having met multiple Magic Erasers (these things are like gold.. I swear), and dishes are also nicely taken care of (thanks parents). My room is finally completely unpacked.. that only took a week or so.. haha

Basically, I'm home to stay. The room mates are fantastic. We laugh a lot. It might even be considered unhealthy the amount of time we spend showing each other things, talking, and laughing till tears. Our christmas paper wrapped quote fireplace is now covered with quotes.. If you ever want a laugh, or yet another reason to think I'm mildly insane, feel free to take a gander.

So while Provo cannot be compared to London at all, I yet again realize that this kind of different is a good thing. AKA. Bring it on Change. Bring it on.

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Anna said...

Oh samuel...."I can pour and drink orange juice with such grace"

Only you would say that.