Saturday, 27 June 2009

seattle rocks my life.

Why Seattle is one of my most favorite places ever:

1. Pike Place Market: So many random nice people, vendors who talk to you about seeing a band called 'Fish' in Missouri, everyone talks to you and helps you out, the flowers, the fish, the honey sticks, the first starbucks ever, deliciousness in general, crumpets! (the list goes on)

2. The Ocean: I never remember how much I miss the ocean until I see it again. Blue skies, blue ocean, the smell, the ferries, the fresh fish that comes from it to eat, dipping my feet in it (freezing cold), random sea plants that one can play with (like kelp!), the sound of it...

3. Nice people: Seattle is known for its nice people.. there is a reason. Everyone looks out for one another, people wave at people they don't know from trains and "Ride the Ducks," you get on a personal basis with the workers at Starbucks and random street vendors even if you only see them once, the hippies who wear next to no clothing and dance with scarves in parks, not to mention my amazing friends who live there.. gotta love the friends and fam

4. There is a huge troll under a bridge. Need I say more?

5. Capital Hill: rainbows everywhere, multicolored houses, gardens in the city, trees everywhere.

6. The color green: It exists! Everywhere! There is a reason that it is called the 'emerald city.' I don't think I could ever get enough of overgrown gardens and trees and soft grass everywhere.

7. Sculpture garden: Modern art with the beautiful background of the ocean and downtown. best. thing. ever.

8. Starbucks: There is one always within a 5 minute radius at least. Best thing ever.

9.Musicals: Rent. With Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. With Marley. I wouldn't say that it is my favorite musical (still resides with Les Mis), but that show was one of the best performances of a musical that I have ever seen. Every character had a strong and beautiful voice, the intentions of the characters were all clear, the feeling and the story of the musical was beautifully translated to the audience... there really is "no day but today.." :)

10. The food: Real asian food. Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese.. your Indian.. fresh fish, fresh everything.. plus home made food. Makes me loathe my pasta, tortilla, and tuna filled cupboards at home..

Basically, I miss Seattle. Not even going to try and hide it. The first day I was there, I think I said that about 13446234 times (to be precise). I just can't wait to go and visit again in a couple of months.. hurray!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

should i, could i, would i...

I was looking up quotes from Albert Camus, because I have been in a quote looking up mood lately, and one of the ones that caught my eye was this:
"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession. "-Camus
I most definitely kind of fell in love with it. While alone at home one night, one night being last night, I decided to take advantage and paint something.. a confession of sorts... This is what happened:

It is a mixture of acrylic, finger paints, tape, sharpie, a yellow paint pen, and tin foil. The whole thing only took me about an hour and a half, or a little bit less, but it was great! I guess the confession from this one is kind of obvious... "Should." I know, it's a bit cliche, but I don't really mind. I seem to wait around always thinking about what I 'should' do and what I 'shouldn't.' It is seldom that I take the initiative to do things in my life. I live in my home, and don't venture out much. I have had excuses, and found other things to do with my time, but I always 'should' have and could have been doing something else. After I finished the painting and was looking at it from far away, I noticed that four of the letters stand out more than the others (unintentionally). From far away, the word 'soul' stands out from the others. I guess I subconsciously was saying something there. Do with it as you will.. It means something to me, and maybe it will mean something to you too...

Oh dear. Now I sound all 'artsy' and 'deep.' I don't consider myself an 'artist,' or a 'scholar' by any means... just to make that clear... I just enjoy seeing things that make me think, and I like talking about them. Life would be so boring if everything was merely taken at face value, even if it was made for just that reason alone. But that is the beautiful thing about life isn't it? An artist can make something for one specific reason, and the viewer can take it and see what they want or need to see even if it is not the same, and both are correct. 'Molding the world to your own view' should be a job title, because I want it! Then again, everyone does it anyways.. especially those randomly pesky modern artists (some which are brilliant, and others, simply still striving for it.. haha).

After all of this rambling, I thought it would be poignant to quote Camus yet again. Mr "Existentialism" said the following:

"Abstract Art: A product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered."

This one made me laugh. If life is a struggle and art is its confession, how else would one display it but in abstract measures?

Oh life and people. So contradictory. So utterly hilarious. Thanks for that. :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

in a perfect world, a miracle would happen...

That would be the main line of the song I have chosen for my papers. As some of you (the ambiguous few who read my blog) might know, when I have a bit of writing to do, which oh dear, do I right now, I listen to one song over and over again (so far at 38 times repeated) because I need the music, but if it changes then I go all ADD and don't focus. Oh wait, I do that anyway, but at least I have a little bit of consistency going for me.

I have been quite busy and also quite not busy for the past couple of months. Today however, the address for my blog rings true as I once again perfect my art of procrastination when huge deadlines dangle in the very foreseeable future.

Most recently, I have been contemplating art and the different forms that I'm a huge fan of. I went to our school's Museum of Art and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a lot of the big prints of the I Spy pictures. I could have been entranced in one place for hours, but sadly I had to leave. I most definitely want some huge pictures like that for my kid's room(s). That way, they will never have to leave their room! Depending on the day I could tell them that they have to find things that are either present in the picture or things that are not, depending on how long I want them to sit and stare quietly at the picture. It's kind of like torture, but it's happy!! (wow. I'll make a great mom. hurrah) There were also a lot of modern art things. My favorite included an huge balloon animal sculpture and the various ways that he used garbage bags. Creative and cool looking (which is the only way that I like modern art).
I also recently saw the movie UP, which I loved. Whoever said kid's movies are just for kids? LIES!

More things, I am directing my final project for my directing class, and it is all about how our imagination grows up with us, and it doesn't just belong in our childhood. Basically, I am now realizing that everything in my life has something to do with imagination and how creative one can be. Hopefully as I age my imagination will only get better and not worse.

Wow. That sure was one long random rant of facts that somehow related. Point Sam!

Hope you have imaginative days!