Monday, 8 June 2009

in a perfect world, a miracle would happen...

That would be the main line of the song I have chosen for my papers. As some of you (the ambiguous few who read my blog) might know, when I have a bit of writing to do, which oh dear, do I right now, I listen to one song over and over again (so far at 38 times repeated) because I need the music, but if it changes then I go all ADD and don't focus. Oh wait, I do that anyway, but at least I have a little bit of consistency going for me.

I have been quite busy and also quite not busy for the past couple of months. Today however, the address for my blog rings true as I once again perfect my art of procrastination when huge deadlines dangle in the very foreseeable future.

Most recently, I have been contemplating art and the different forms that I'm a huge fan of. I went to our school's Museum of Art and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a lot of the big prints of the I Spy pictures. I could have been entranced in one place for hours, but sadly I had to leave. I most definitely want some huge pictures like that for my kid's room(s). That way, they will never have to leave their room! Depending on the day I could tell them that they have to find things that are either present in the picture or things that are not, depending on how long I want them to sit and stare quietly at the picture. It's kind of like torture, but it's happy!! (wow. I'll make a great mom. hurrah) There were also a lot of modern art things. My favorite included an huge balloon animal sculpture and the various ways that he used garbage bags. Creative and cool looking (which is the only way that I like modern art).
I also recently saw the movie UP, which I loved. Whoever said kid's movies are just for kids? LIES!

More things, I am directing my final project for my directing class, and it is all about how our imagination grows up with us, and it doesn't just belong in our childhood. Basically, I am now realizing that everything in my life has something to do with imagination and how creative one can be. Hopefully as I age my imagination will only get better and not worse.

Wow. That sure was one long random rant of facts that somehow related. Point Sam!

Hope you have imaginative days!

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