Monday, 13 December 2010

'ello again

Teaching is fun. Teaching is intimidating. Teaching is awesome. Teaching is difficult. Teaching teaches me. All of the afore mentioned statements have become quite true for me in the last few months. I had the opportunity to work at my old high school and help teach and direct in their theater program! Point Sam! I had many days that I would come home almost literally skipping with excitement and bursting to tell my friends and family how much fun it was to work with the kids. "So and so really did a great job with their acting and made huge strides today! Another person really listened and came up with fantastic ideas! I learned so much today and am so glad that I'm teaching theater!" Other days I would come home thinking twice about the whole teaching concept... "There were so many of them! No one was listening! No one was respecting me as their teacher! Stop cutting rehearsal to make-out with someone in the hallway!!!"

Recently we started doing a musical that requires the use of two British accents and I have taken it upon myself to become the accent coach. Yes, this decision has in fact infiltrated my life for the better! Now, while I work at my other job that actually pays me money, I am constantly singing and dancing along to the incessantly contagious Christmas songs while intermittently trying to speak in as many different accents as possible. The staples as of right now include British (With the T) and Bri'ish (Without it). However, do not be alarmed! I am still throwing in a good New Jersey, Southern, and Irish and am working on Indian and Russian (aided by my co-workers).

Other life. I am going to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I was assigned to the Brazil, Florianopolis mission and I leave February 2nd! The actuality of me going to Brazil in any near future is pretty low seeing as visas are not coming through, but hey--I'm going on a mission and I literally do not care where it takes me. :)

To sum up, life has been happening for the past 6 months since I posted. Surprise! I didn't die, I am happily working and dating and preparing for the mish... It's kind of strange to think that in the next 6 months I will be out somewhere in the world wearing the black name tag and changing my life and hopefully others as well :).

Happy Holidays all!
(but most realistically just the one you who is reading this. Yeah I'm talking to you. You know who you are.. :D )

Thursday, 24 June 2010

sounds like me..

Just a quick pet peeve to spring on the world wide web. Lately I have been reading a lot of things for marketing and also just things that friends post on various websites. My pet peeve is this: If you write something, I want to be able to hear you saying it in my head. For some reason, there are a few people that I know that write things and it sounds absolutely nothing like them! Their excitement comes off as petty and their usual sarcastic wit is dimmed by cliches. Please oh please let whoever reads this (if they know me) think to themselves, "Wow. That sounds just like Sam! She could have just sat across the table and read it to me, and I 100% would have known that it was her."

Basically. Please just be yourself! I don't want to go read something you post in order to catch up or continue a friendship and feel like I am reading about someone completely different! Bah!

Ok. Rant finished.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

it was easter so i egged some people...

Easter Bunny. Yup. I was the Easter Bunny driving around in my rental car on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. The malicious deed hinted at by the title of this blog? Actually the nicest thing EVER! My friend and I were driving around delivering plastic easter eggs filled with candy to friends we knew and then we had some leftovers. We originally had planned to leave those eggs in a park or somewhere strange so that people could find them and have a good day... I wrote phrases on them like "Congrats! You found me!" "Hey Stranger! You can have what's inside me!" or "PUT ME BACK! I'M COLD" After leaving a couple of those eggs strewn around the south of campus, I had a brilliant idea. Here I was, warm in my car, and there outside of my car were random people were walking on the street with their friends without candy/chocolate. I decided to solve the problem. With the help of my friend, we drove around, pulled up next to groups of friendly looking people and asked them if they wanted an Easter Egg! Every group we drove up to took it and looked a lot more happy than they had before we 'bothered' them, so I deem this mission of making everyone have an AWESOME Easter a success. Plus one for everyone involved? Yeah. More like PLUS TEN!

Watch out. Mother's Day is coming up, and I want to get creative.... :)

Friday, 1 January 2010

a funny thing happened on the way from the space needle.

In reading some of my past posts while reflecting on years past, I realize that when bad things happen or I am stressed out, I am usually prone to laughter. Is that strange? Now, when I say bad things, I don't mean sad things, I just mean things that could possibly also be described as "unlucky" or "unfortunate." I guess I just realize that things in life happen, for better or for worse, and whether it is partially your fault or not, life happens, you can't change it, and sometimes the irony that unfolds is just plain hilarious. End Tangent.

Last night was New Years Eve, and a friend and I went to a dance downtown to celebrate. It was probably one of the most unemotional and unexciting turn of the decades that I've lived through. We danced, we had some good sliced apples, we danced more to a lot of music that I didn't know, and then at 6 minutes to, we got in line at the coat check to get our things so that we could run outside and watch the huge fireworks display. Fate was not with us that night because we got to the front of the line when someone said, "10 SECONDS!!!!!!!!" So, we counted down into the new year/decade right when we were given our coats and we tried to get them off the hangers so we could get outside. We ran outside and saw the fireworks going off.. We watched for a few minutes, then we decided to head back to our car to leave before the whole crowd of drunk drivers joined us on the road. We ran back to our car through the damp streets and missed the rest of the show. We drove back, and I had my friend text a couple of my friends to wish them a Happy New Year! (because I was driving). She, however, unaccustomed to my phone, sent one accidentally saying something that could have been taken quite horribly by the receiver. Happy Start of the New Year and Decade! It was one of those moments that there was nothing that I could do but laugh. Trying to explain what had happened? Futile. I felt like a horrible person, but at the same time, it was just so ironic and so accidental, that it was like a 'meant to be' mistake. If you (you know who you are, or your friend) are reading this, it was purely an accident... I promise that I am not a horrible person, I was just trying to be friendly and-- it kind of backfired.

After that lovely moment within the new decade and the very lame welcome of the new year, I made a decision to make the night more memorable for good things. I drove past my friend's house and we went to her old school and we cranked up "You Make My Dreams" and had a dance off in the parking lot (don't worry. there is a video). We also took some pictures, and sang loudly to songs in the car. Now THAT is the way to welcome in the new year! :D

To sum up, life is hilarious. You have to make the fun for yourself, and when life happens, you just have to roll with it because, let's be honest; we don't all have time turners like Hermione. It's up to us to decide the attitude with which to live. I choose happiness. :D
Welcome 2010.
It's going to be a party. I can tell.