Thursday, 24 June 2010

sounds like me..

Just a quick pet peeve to spring on the world wide web. Lately I have been reading a lot of things for marketing and also just things that friends post on various websites. My pet peeve is this: If you write something, I want to be able to hear you saying it in my head. For some reason, there are a few people that I know that write things and it sounds absolutely nothing like them! Their excitement comes off as petty and their usual sarcastic wit is dimmed by cliches. Please oh please let whoever reads this (if they know me) think to themselves, "Wow. That sounds just like Sam! She could have just sat across the table and read it to me, and I 100% would have known that it was her."

Basically. Please just be yourself! I don't want to go read something you post in order to catch up or continue a friendship and feel like I am reading about someone completely different! Bah!

Ok. Rant finished.


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