Thursday, 8 April 2010

it was easter so i egged some people...

Easter Bunny. Yup. I was the Easter Bunny driving around in my rental car on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. The malicious deed hinted at by the title of this blog? Actually the nicest thing EVER! My friend and I were driving around delivering plastic easter eggs filled with candy to friends we knew and then we had some leftovers. We originally had planned to leave those eggs in a park or somewhere strange so that people could find them and have a good day... I wrote phrases on them like "Congrats! You found me!" "Hey Stranger! You can have what's inside me!" or "PUT ME BACK! I'M COLD" After leaving a couple of those eggs strewn around the south of campus, I had a brilliant idea. Here I was, warm in my car, and there outside of my car were random people were walking on the street with their friends without candy/chocolate. I decided to solve the problem. With the help of my friend, we drove around, pulled up next to groups of friendly looking people and asked them if they wanted an Easter Egg! Every group we drove up to took it and looked a lot more happy than they had before we 'bothered' them, so I deem this mission of making everyone have an AWESOME Easter a success. Plus one for everyone involved? Yeah. More like PLUS TEN!

Watch out. Mother's Day is coming up, and I want to get creative.... :)

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