Friday, 1 January 2010

a funny thing happened on the way from the space needle.

In reading some of my past posts while reflecting on years past, I realize that when bad things happen or I am stressed out, I am usually prone to laughter. Is that strange? Now, when I say bad things, I don't mean sad things, I just mean things that could possibly also be described as "unlucky" or "unfortunate." I guess I just realize that things in life happen, for better or for worse, and whether it is partially your fault or not, life happens, you can't change it, and sometimes the irony that unfolds is just plain hilarious. End Tangent.

Last night was New Years Eve, and a friend and I went to a dance downtown to celebrate. It was probably one of the most unemotional and unexciting turn of the decades that I've lived through. We danced, we had some good sliced apples, we danced more to a lot of music that I didn't know, and then at 6 minutes to, we got in line at the coat check to get our things so that we could run outside and watch the huge fireworks display. Fate was not with us that night because we got to the front of the line when someone said, "10 SECONDS!!!!!!!!" So, we counted down into the new year/decade right when we were given our coats and we tried to get them off the hangers so we could get outside. We ran outside and saw the fireworks going off.. We watched for a few minutes, then we decided to head back to our car to leave before the whole crowd of drunk drivers joined us on the road. We ran back to our car through the damp streets and missed the rest of the show. We drove back, and I had my friend text a couple of my friends to wish them a Happy New Year! (because I was driving). She, however, unaccustomed to my phone, sent one accidentally saying something that could have been taken quite horribly by the receiver. Happy Start of the New Year and Decade! It was one of those moments that there was nothing that I could do but laugh. Trying to explain what had happened? Futile. I felt like a horrible person, but at the same time, it was just so ironic and so accidental, that it was like a 'meant to be' mistake. If you (you know who you are, or your friend) are reading this, it was purely an accident... I promise that I am not a horrible person, I was just trying to be friendly and-- it kind of backfired.

After that lovely moment within the new decade and the very lame welcome of the new year, I made a decision to make the night more memorable for good things. I drove past my friend's house and we went to her old school and we cranked up "You Make My Dreams" and had a dance off in the parking lot (don't worry. there is a video). We also took some pictures, and sang loudly to songs in the car. Now THAT is the way to welcome in the new year! :D

To sum up, life is hilarious. You have to make the fun for yourself, and when life happens, you just have to roll with it because, let's be honest; we don't all have time turners like Hermione. It's up to us to decide the attitude with which to live. I choose happiness. :D
Welcome 2010.
It's going to be a party. I can tell.

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