Monday, 30 November 2009

finding joy in the small things

This past week-being Thanksgiving- was a breath of fresh air that I greatly needed in order to survive the next couple of weeks before school started. I was a little put out that I was left in my house alone from Tuesday night till now and not flown home to the family (I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since I was in high school and this was the first year it might have happened), but I combined forces with 4 friends and we conquered our own Thanksgiving feast. It was magnificent! Turkey, stuffing, corn, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad, home made rolls, 2 home made pumpkin pies, delicious drinks, and I'm sure I'm missing something else. Basically, it was epic. We had movies playing in the background--most notably the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring, we played games, we had a good time.

More than just Thanksgiving though was the relaxing time that I got to spend with friends and with a cleaning sponge in my house to make it shine as it hasn't for quite some time. I got to go to a football game against our rivals, and we had great seats, AND we won.. AND I got to meet up with a friend who was driving through the area back to his college for the rest of the semester.

These things were fun, and I'm glad that I got to meet and hang out with a variety of individuals.

But I did somethings that I loved more than all these things combined: I painted while watching a movie, and even better? I played with PLAY DOUGH! YES! My slow regression back to my childhood is finally happening!

Oh yes--Christmas lights now adorn our downstairs. This is also a huge bonus. Should we buy a mini Christmas tree?

I think YES.

Hope that your holidays were and will be a party as well! And oh yes, please please please send me any leftover play dough and finger paints that you might have around. They will be VERY much appreciated!!!

Happy Everything!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

and now, for something completely different!

My life is average. I have absolutely no problem with that. Mostly because I have found this amazing website to back me up in my harry potter loving, dinosaur and old people appreciating ways. The irony of this website is that most of the posts, while deemed average by the users, are anything but! Does that make my life under average? Do I really care? Nope! I just love that there are other people like me that appreciate the small things in life and I only wish that I was as cool as some of the kids, teachers, and old people that are on this site. I guess that I can give you a couple of examples:

Today, I was late for school, so I had to sign in at the office. The sign in sheet asked
us our reason for being late. I saw that the girl before me wrote GIANT
SQUID in big letters. It made my day. MLIA.

Today, I was preparing a closing argument for Mock Trial. We had to prosecute or
defend a ficitonal character-- I will be prosecuting Tom Riddle for
manslaughter and child abduction. MLIA.

Today I wore a shirt to work that said "I wish my boyfriend was a Super Hero". About two hours later, a guy came in wearing what I can only assume was a Child's Wolverine costume and asked me out. I'm pretty sure I'll marry him. MLIA.

Today, I was walking out of class and texting at the same time. Some guy told me "Watch out while texting. You might run into my arms." Without looking up, I did and accidentally hugged him. Well played, soulmate. MLIA.

Today, my substitute teacher for english class was taking attendance. He said "Granger?" and looked around the room. Everyone looked confused. Then he said, "Oh, wait I forgot she switched to potions this period, my bad, nevermind." This sub was 70 years old and I love him. MLIA.

Today, I set up a voice password on my laptop. Now I can only get on it when I say "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and log off when I say "Mischief managed". MLIA

Today I attended my first french class. I was really nervous untill I saw pictures of Mr. T, Chuck Norris, and Dumbledore taped to the wall. I am no longer nervous, as our class room is protected on every level possible. MLIA.

Today, a new kid from England with glasses came onto our speech class, the teacher asked him to share something unique about him to the class. He pulled up his bangs to reveal a lighting bolt scar and claimed that he fell on a rock. Yeah right, Harry Potter. MLIA

Today, my TA was talking about racism in film history and to illustrate the point, he played the episode of "Albi the Racist Dragon." I learned that being racist against New Zelanders and badly burned Albanian boys is just poor form. MLIA.--This is my true life story

Today, I was looking through my Grandmother's iPod. I found out that her top 3 songs are, My Humps, Because I Got High, and The Transformers theme song. I don't know what to say. MLIA

Today I beat my previous record for number of consecutive days spent alive. I'm going for a new personal best tomorrow. MLIA
This one especially is one that I plan to live by...

Basically, if you want your life to change for the better, stop reading downer things, and start reading THIS! Hope that you have a fantastically average day for your fantastically average life!

run away with me?

Let me catch my breath.
This is really hard.
If I start to look like I'm sweating, well, it's because I am.
I'm not good with words, but that's nothing new.
Still I have to try to explain what I want to do, with you. With you.
Run away with me.
Let me be your ride out of town, let me be the place that you hide, we could make our lives on the go, run away with me. Sam you're ready, let's go.. Anywhere. Get the car packed an throw me the key--run away with me.
Sam, I know it's fast, but I'm in love with you. Sam it's crazy, but Sam, I'm crazier for you...
Sam, you're ready, let's go, anywhere
Say the word, and I'm already there.
Run away with me.

I found this song. Needless to say, I love it. It's official. The romantic inside of me has been found and is captured in these lines. If you care to read mushy sentiments, please, by all means, read on.
I don't want perfection, I really don't. I'm not perfect, and I won't ever be perfect, so how could I expect that from someone else? There are some things that I do know though. There are some things that I think should be mutual in every interaction between anyone I care about and vice versa: Believe in me. I don't have problems believing in others because I know that anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to, I just sometimes forget it for myself. Mean what you say. I love in this song how he will go anywhere for her at a drop of a hat. My first instinct when I hear that is that it will somehow fall through. Great ideas come from all over from all people, but it is rare that people follow through with big plans. If you say something to me, mean it, act on it, and I will follow and do the same for you. Be there for me. There are a few people in this world that I will drop everything in my life for if they needed me. And, as strong and as independent as I claim to be, I sometimes will need the same from you (even if it will take me ages to admit it). Be thoughtful. This is one of the most defining characteristics that I admire. I love thinking of things to do for others, and small gestures of thoughtfulness are what make me smile. Be you. I know that everyone is a little different around different people, but just be you. I love listening to and watching people talk about what they really love, no matter what it is (except perhaps Biology. I mean, I have to draw the line somewhere.. haha, but really....).

Well, that was a lot of information about me... haha<>. But hey, that's it! That is what I think is important to bring to any type of friendship. I feel like I'm asking a lot here, but then again, that's what I will do for you, so why wouldn't I want the same from others? Seems plausible, right? I guess there is only one more question on the table here:

Run away with me? :D