Tuesday, 21 April 2009

almost free::

It has been a trying last semester.. with all 10 credits and such. It's not like I haven't had much to do, it's just, well, not as interesting as taking more classes might have been. After tomorrow, I will finally have taken my last final (I have to, it's the last day...)and then I will pack up my beloved first apartment, move an entire block away, and go on a trip to Saint George! So excited!

I guess I'm in a list making mood, so here goes nothing:

1. I don't have anything to make a list about. Dang it.

Soooooo... That was pointless. <...awkward silence...on the internet...>

Anyways, once my life actually gets interesting, or I run by something in my daily life that inspires my soul, or just my angsty ways, (of which I have very few), I will try to post something, or generally become more interesting.

I guess life is just a little different not being in London... surprise surprise.

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