Monday, 16 March 2009

i am unwritten..

Well, actually, I'm not.. I just wasn't really sure what to title my blog post for the moment.
Lately I have discovered the fact that I own quite a lot of black.. I think it is from my summer job days, and hey, it's useful to be able to pull an 'emo' every once in a while when I have to be backstage for Macbeth.. That's right! I'm a dresser for our school's showing of Macbeth! It is fantastic!
How I know that being in Theater in some respect is right for me:
1. I started playing Les Miserables on the piano, and everyone started singing along and telling stories of when they were either in it, or saw it last..
2. Everyone is hilarious from years of improv training.
3. Me being a little 'over the top' with giving a people a hard time and being sarcastic is not only not looked down upon, but is expected.
4. Singing along to any music heard is a must and everyone is fantastic at it.
5. Guys start talking in random accents, and when I join in, they aren't weirded out... they think it's funny.
6. I can debate the pros and cons of some musicals/actors/scenes and not feel overbearing
7. Everyone is genuinely nice and the whole experience, while sometimes just hours of tediously sitting, moves quickly.
8. As recently discovered, if you are good at anything, you can find a home in theater.. because it is real life imposed on a little stage! :D

The only thing that I miss so far is writing papers.. and analyzing things... and having discussions on the sociological and meta-fictional level...

Oh wait.. could I ever do that with anyone besides myself before anyways?

(the answer here is NO people.. come on).

If anyone out there is reading this and thinking, "Wow, I sure wouldn't mind talking to Sam about these things" don't hesitate to tell me.. cause I could use a friend for these odd and exceedingly awesome convos.. Anything. Really.

---Let's Be Friends--- :D


graymalkin42 said...

I looked up "Sociological" and "Meta" to make sure I knew what you meant and thought "That sounds like the way my conversation goes right before someone tells me I think too much or am being too analytical." I guess not a lot of people are very frequently up for that kind of thing.

Anna Jay said...

I want your major.