Saturday, 27 June 2009

seattle rocks my life.

Why Seattle is one of my most favorite places ever:

1. Pike Place Market: So many random nice people, vendors who talk to you about seeing a band called 'Fish' in Missouri, everyone talks to you and helps you out, the flowers, the fish, the honey sticks, the first starbucks ever, deliciousness in general, crumpets! (the list goes on)

2. The Ocean: I never remember how much I miss the ocean until I see it again. Blue skies, blue ocean, the smell, the ferries, the fresh fish that comes from it to eat, dipping my feet in it (freezing cold), random sea plants that one can play with (like kelp!), the sound of it...

3. Nice people: Seattle is known for its nice people.. there is a reason. Everyone looks out for one another, people wave at people they don't know from trains and "Ride the Ducks," you get on a personal basis with the workers at Starbucks and random street vendors even if you only see them once, the hippies who wear next to no clothing and dance with scarves in parks, not to mention my amazing friends who live there.. gotta love the friends and fam

4. There is a huge troll under a bridge. Need I say more?

5. Capital Hill: rainbows everywhere, multicolored houses, gardens in the city, trees everywhere.

6. The color green: It exists! Everywhere! There is a reason that it is called the 'emerald city.' I don't think I could ever get enough of overgrown gardens and trees and soft grass everywhere.

7. Sculpture garden: Modern art with the beautiful background of the ocean and downtown. best. thing. ever.

8. Starbucks: There is one always within a 5 minute radius at least. Best thing ever.

9.Musicals: Rent. With Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp. With Marley. I wouldn't say that it is my favorite musical (still resides with Les Mis), but that show was one of the best performances of a musical that I have ever seen. Every character had a strong and beautiful voice, the intentions of the characters were all clear, the feeling and the story of the musical was beautifully translated to the audience... there really is "no day but today.." :)

10. The food: Real asian food. Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese.. your Indian.. fresh fish, fresh everything.. plus home made food. Makes me loathe my pasta, tortilla, and tuna filled cupboards at home..

Basically, I miss Seattle. Not even going to try and hide it. The first day I was there, I think I said that about 13446234 times (to be precise). I just can't wait to go and visit again in a couple of months.. hurray!

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Thirdmango said...

I've been wanting to visit Seattle for ever. I'm going to go sometime this year. I applied for jobs there a while back but I didn't get it so I instead went to Boston.