Thursday, 16 July 2009

people are just people.

Lately I have been watching and hearing about a lot of famous people and the reactions that they get from the general public. It bothers me a lot when famous people are treated like they are on some level that is 'so much higher than us poor common folk.' Yes, they do live more high profile lives, but in the end, they are just people with normal friends and desires just like us. It is one of my pet peeves when people idolize others (especially when it is just for their looks alone). I think it is perfectly reasonable to admire someone because of their talent, but in no means does that make them a 'better person' than you. The way girls scream for the newest 'hot boy' in a crowd and others cry even at just the thought of speaking to someone is completely absurd to me. Congratulations. Someone is attractive! Good for them! They have good genes! It has nothing to do with anything that they had control over. It is the people who have a talent and actually chase it and work for it that I think deserve some kind of a spotlight, not those just born into it. I guess that would be my version of promoting 'the american dream' or something... I do believe that anyone has the chance to do something that they love as long as they are willing to pay the dues and really work for it, and it is these people to be looked up to. Those with a passion for what they do, for their own life. I hope that one day I will be able to get what I want the most: To be happy with my life and the choices I've made to get wherever I may go.

In the end, people are just people. You love some, hate others, and hope that you'll turn out alright in the end.


Blasé said...

So, how's that blogging coming along?


Michele Trichler said...

Hey Sam, just read your blog. I completely agree with what you said about people being just people. And I agree that the truly amazing people are those who have worked hard for their abilities and position. Thanks for sharing. Miss you girl!