Wednesday, 29 August 2012

married for a month club.

So you know how I just posted about being married? I just so happened to post that the day before our one month anniversary. I say that because you'll notice that I did my post Up themed because it's us and adorable and yadda yadda yadda.

So I came home from work yesterday on our one month being married anniversary. I was exhausted from work and so was he. As we sat on the couch in our 15-20 min zone out when we get home I mentioned that it was our one month anniversary. Paul just turned to me and said, "Yes. It is our one month anniversary. Do you know what that means? We're in the married club. Yup. The one month married mark means you get to be in a club. And do you know what you need to be in a club?" I shook my head--having no idea where he was going with this (especially with his sneaky look in his eye and his "proud of himself smile" on his face). He then reached into his work shirt pocket and said, "You need a pin to be in a club. A very special unique marriage club pin."

He then pulled out two of these:
Yup. We both now have our own married pins cause we're in the married club.

Can you see what I mean when I say we're perfect for each other? :D

We then went to the grocery store to get food (very romantic haha), but the entire time we wore our pins so that people would know that we are official members of the married for more than a month club.

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