Wednesday, 2 November 2011

san. freaking. tastic.

So today is November 2nd. Today is technically the halfway point of my mission. 9 months in.

What did I do today instead of being in Brazil? I went to my favorite city of all time: San Francisco! Which happens to only be about 2 hours from where I currently live. It's amazing! Today was just such a good day that I feel I must blog about it. We drove down and stopped right before the Golden Gate Bridge. It was sunny, 75 degrees, and no one was there! We found a quick parking spot right in front, got out, and I got to go and use my fun camera for the first time since I came back. Then I drove over the bridge!!! (which I have never done before..) and we also went to drive down Lombard street. It was awesome. San Fran was practically empty today. We found an entire empty parking street one block from the piers and paid about 5 bucks to park for 2.5 hours (amazing). We ate a seafood lunch and walked along the piers while I got to take more fun pictures and photo stalk my friend and her boy friend. I guess the boy friend doesn't technically like taking pictures, but.... once he saw how cool they turned out he even got to posing for me. SO FUN! I LOVE taking pictures! I haven't done it in so long that I must have forgotten. We then went to the Palace of Fine Arts and took more pictures (the closest parking spot was open and free), we then drove around to see Chinatown/more of the city, and then we went to Ghiradelli square to have the traditional ice cream sundaes (which are AMAZING.) (Yes, we also found parking for free right in front).

Basically, today was one of the most magically San Francisco days of all time. It was sunny, warm, and no one was there. I guess that makes sense for a wednesday in November, but whatever. I'm not complaining! It was just.. perfect. (Rivaling with Scotland perfect. Almost there..)

I hope that you all had a great day as well :)

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Annie said...

Hahahaha. I was totally about to say, "This day sounds almost as amazing as Scotland!" but you beat me to it. Man we have the same brain.