Saturday, 13 December 2008

oh what a night!

Late december back in sixty three... ok. well maybe not.. but mid december here in london 08, "the girl who borrows" and I went to ROYAL ALBERT HALL for a CHRISTMAS SING-A-LONG! Surprise! Not all Christmas carols are sung to the same tune. We found that out the hard way.. BUT, some are, and it was STILL AWESOME! We also went on an adventure before that included taxis (to avoid the very wet walk) and went to the one and only whole foods for dinner. (i know.. it's american, but it was the cheapest and fastest place to get food). and then, we sang our hearts out and listened to some great christmas carols and some great british jokes.. that were only somewhat funny...

Here are some pictures of the night!

Eating at Whole Foods:

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