Thursday, 4 December 2008

london at its finest!

You can't even believe the amazing day that was the 3rd of December here in London.
One Word: EPIC.

The day started with sleeping in, and watching the Opening of Parliament on TV.

Quite a lot of history and pageantry all rolled into one.
We figured she would do a good job, I mean, it was like her 54th time.
It's a shame that it's not really HER opinion, but she sure is a cute little old lady!

Then we went to the War Cabinet Rooms.This is where Churchill and his leaders met and made all of the
military decisions under ground protected from bombings.

Then I went to the Bank of England for my history class.
It was interesting to see the history of the making of money and
the way inflation affects the economy. I even had the whole place to myself!
Plus, I got to hold a gold brick! A whole 28 Pounds!

Then I went home for a quick dinner, and
remembered that the premiere of Twilight was that night.
Now, I didn't go to James Bond to see the Princes,
I didn't go to see Leonardo DiCaprio for Body of Lies,
I didn't go to physically see the queen ride by in her carriage for the opening of Parliament.

I decided it was absolutely necessary to go and see Robert Pattinson.
I am not even a huge fan of the books.
However, I am not going to lie;
It was awesome!

And a fun fact confirmed by all the other girls that went:
He is WAY more attractive in person!
I went by myself, and made a British friend there!
It was way fun!
Also, I saw this overview of the whole thing on a website, here is the link!
Premiere of Twilight!
At second 15, I was behind the
girl on people's shoulders
next to the girl in the white
holding her camera.
Sadly, I probably had just hopped down
off of the barricade in the back
because the lady cop was pretty strict.
I guess that it was bigger than the one in LA. That surprised me, but I've read it in a couple of different places. Luckily, he came in the last 2 minutes that I could stay so I got to see him!

Favorite Quote:
Random Passerby: "What's going on? Who are they all screaming for?
Bobby (cop): That one guy who got killed off in the 4th Harry Potter. He's in this Twilight movie thing."

I could only stay till 6:30 though because I was also heading off to see
Handel's Messiah performed by The 16 at The Barbican theater.
I loved it! There were 4 great soloists, and a smaller orchestra.
Because of its smaller nature, the music was much more nimble,
and each note played was crystal clear. It was great!

After that, we came home.. but was the night over yet?
NO! There was MORE!

We heard that J.K. Rowling's new book was coming out at midnight.
Oh yeah. We went! To the Waterstones at Piccadilly Circus.
We were excited! HP trivia going around.
But it was closed.
We were confused. We had checked the internet, it should have been happening.
We walked from there across Leicester Square
where they were taking down the Twilight premiere,
walked down to Trafalgar Square,
and went to the Charring Cross Waterstones.
It wasn't there either!!
I guess you had to have a 'wristband' or some such nonsense to get in and get it.
But don't fret! I got it today! Only 3 pounds!

But there is even MORE!
On the tube ride back, Michael noticed that the girl sitting across
from him was non other than the actress who plays
Eponine in Les Miserables!
Sadly, when I saw it, I had the understudy, so I didn't know her,
but he got a picture with her, and he frolicked around for hours after.
(He's kind of a big fan of the character and her)
plus.. she gave him a kiss on the cheek! <3.

So basically, we all had a GREAT day.

I'd say that was close to London at its best!

I'm going to miss being here a lot.....

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