Saturday, 29 November 2008

i rode on a canal. i ate goat. i dressed up. good day.

Let me begin with the fact that my camera is broken. Hence I decided to illustrate my story through other people's pictures! enjoy!

the day begins with Schama.

how could a day get better than discussing british history with this cute little old man?

Next. Hop on the tube. Bakerloo Line to Warwick Avenue to do the Little Venice Walk.

Realize that I have the song "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy, which talks about meeting by the 'entrance of the tube.' Therefore, I promptly listen to it as I walk out of the tube.

While doing the walk, I fall in love with all of the little canal boats, and the entire area in general. I meander around, and arrive at the place to ride the canal boats (highly recommended by good ol' Arthur Basset) RIGHT when the boats are leaving. I jump onto the boat, and get to ride for 45 minutes to Camden Town! (note: the boat lady described the boat as "wonky." Tony isn't alone! heyy tony! (our bus driver))
Camden Town is this insane market filled with crazy artsy things and punk rocker stores and ethnic food. Speaking of ethnic food, I had some African curry. Speaking of curry, it was goat curry. mmm De-Licious! I wandered around for quite some time looking at all of the crazy stuff, comparing prices, seeing what I might like..

Then I decided to go to Portobello road because *gasp* I hadn't been there yet, and I live the closest to that place! I know, I'm a horrible person. It was a long tube ride back there, and it was pretty crowded..

While there, I found a lot of cute things that I think I might get for myself.. and possibly others. It was cute! Tons of antiques and cheap clothes. I think it might be my favorite clothes market!

By then, it was really dark, and it was cold, and rainy, so I took my first taxi by myself back to the center! It was sooo worth it, cause it was far, and I had to be there soon so that I could leave to go to the ward talent show!

At the talent show, we dressed up in Nigerian dresses and head dresses that were designed by a lady in our ward. It was WAY fun. The show was long, but we had a great old time doing it. Being oh so white. I just keep singing to myself "One of these things is not like the other one, one of these things just doesn't belong"... haha

Then, to celebrate, we went to SNOG again! delicious! How can you end your night better than a little 'naughty' snog? I don't know.. I don't know, really. :)
So yeah, you could say that I had a pretty good day. :)
I love London.

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