Sunday, 16 November 2008

staging my life.

I went to a few shows this past week.. with time running out, and the weeknights being the cheapest time to get great tickets for nothing, we took advantage! On thursday night after being at the Imperial War Museum, I ran all down The Strand to find tickets for Lion King before dinner. This was slightly a time crunch. I ran up and down literally, a couple hundred stairs, sped walked down The Strand, only to find that I couldn't get my ticket and someone else's at the student price without them being there, and then I got back on the tube and ran home, got there 20 mins late, shoved food down my face, and ran out again to go and get the tickets with my friend. However, it was all ok, because we got 4th row center tickets for Lion King for 30 DOLLARS! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the exchange rate right now!
The show. was. AMAZING! I've always heard that the costumes and the sets were amazing, and I was not disappointed! All of the animals were AWESOME! and the birds they would make fly over the audience, and rafiki was AWESOME. she click talked and had a great voice. Yeah. it was AWESOME.

Then on Friday we went to STOMP! It was very inspiring. They made beats with everything. Brooms, barrels, match boxes, lighters, newspapers and coughing, they hung from the ceiling and bangs on fences.. yeah it was great! plus, it was only 15$! student night! yes!

Basically, I LOVE LONDON. and I LOVE theater! :)!

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