Monday, 10 November 2008

demon computer.

tonight was a very interesting night. . . to say the least.

I'm finishing up my religion paper. and it deletes itself.
you might be thinking, "Sam. Why didn't you save it?"
well, I'm here to tell you that my computer has NEVER before lost ANYTHING! PLUS, word NEVER RANDOMLY QUITS FOR NO REASON!
Well, I got over that quickly, and began rewriting it.
I got done. AGAIN, and it deleted the last fourth.
I re-wrote it. AGAIN. and it deleted my last paragraph!
(I was saving along the way.. and I stopped saving EACH sentence because it was getting a little monotonous..)
I did finally finish it, and it was done on time... but the concept was that is WAS done. the FIRST time. not the 5 times later.

I was a smidge frustrated. It was so silly that I was just cracking up because I couldn't believe the amazing luck.

Not to be out done, I went to go send in a field study for religion, and not only did my internet shut down (which it does every 45 mins or so here, so no big deal), but my internet icon DISAPPEARED!

I didn't even know that that could happen...

I laughed a lot then too.. ha. ha. ha. yeah. reeaaalll funny.

To show my disapproval of the entire situation, I decided to take some 'feelings' pictures of my lap top. I hope you can understand my feelings of loathing (expressed by the green), anger, the pure silliness of the whole thing.

oh life. you amuse me. bring. it. on.


Annie said...

I TOLD you to save!

Sam said...

oh yeah.. some one DID make a comment on my blog..

and yes annie.. right when my word died, i actually thought: "Oh man! Annie told me to save!! bah!"

Anna said...

ha ha ha sam I know this isn't funny. But it IS kind of amusing.

Still bugged I never saw 6 characters.
Still excited about our bus adventures this saturday.