Sunday, 9 November 2008

modernizing my life.

Today after church I had the opportunity to go to the Tate Modern Museum of Art! It was very.. modern. My thoughts about modern art are constantly changing. I like some, but others strike me as the silliest things that I have ever seen. Like Marley's book, Modern Art=I could do that + Yeah, But you Didn't. Then you see things like tons of used soap made into a string, hanging in a corner, and i think: I don't even want to do that as art.. even though i guess it looks kind of cool. I think my favorite was the two layers of bricks, 3 wide by many 15 long, chilling in a room. I mean, really? what is that? It looked like a deck waiting to be built, or a long step for no reason. Then there is a huge tower made out of old and new radios called "the Tower of Babel." That one is actually kind of cool, cause it plays with interesting concepts.

Basically, I went to the museum. I was glad I saw what I did, but I'm also glad it was free.

Walking back from the Tate, we went over the Millennium Bridge, which goes straight to Saint Pauls, and there is a huge projection with random words on the dome! I think my favorite words were: Toast, Butter, Sneezes, and Atheists. On the dome of a cathedral. It was quite entertaining!

Tonight I also went to Royal Albert Hall to hear a modernists War Requiem. It was really interesting, and slightly dissident. It had a large chorus, and a boy's choir, and lots of random instruments not usually found in an orchestra, like a large pipe organ. It was good overall, but modern yet again.

I think that is my new theme. Modernism. Am I supposed to be updating my life? Did I miss a memo? I mean, I do enjoy modernism, especially post modernism, but really?

To modernize, or not to modernize. That is the question.

At least for me right now it is.....

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