Saturday, 1 November 2008

prime meridian halloween

We went to Greenwich yesterday! It was a great little area about 4 miles from Tower Hill. We took a boat from Westminster/Big Ben and, other than the fact that it was really cold, it was a beaufitul sunny crisp day. I got to be in two places at once... and we saw the maritime museum and an exhibit dedicated to Shackleton! (yeah. 7th grade. I knew ALL about him!).

For Halloween last night most of us dressed up in random things. We had the crayons, peter pan, decades, kiss, bond girls, and Michele and I dressed up as Harry Potter characters. We then went to Snog-a frozen yoghurt place- that was delicious! Plus, we got some free stickers and cards that said things like "I've just had my first snog." It was brilliant... All in all, a pretty good halloween. :)

Luna and Fred/George and the crayons!

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