Thursday, 27 November 2008

we drank tea. we gave thanks.

Thanksgiving in London is just a little bit different than say, thanksgiving in America. I'll give you a unlimited guesses as to why..

oh wait. It's because they aren't thankful for that first meal with the pilgrims and the native AMERICANS. hm. odd isn't it?

Today we went to a synagogue in the morning (it was very ornate and beautiful) to learn more about Judaism. The whole time, I was thinking, I LOVE JEWS! i love MARLEY! :D ! hehe.
After that, we went to high tea at Kensington Palace. It was delicious! I had rose hip tea, and we had cucumber sandwiches, and raisin scones, and lemon cake!

Tonight we, as the dutiful Kitchen Crew, were in charge of setting up, helping with, and cleaning up after dinner. We also got to decorate the whole place! We had orange tissue paper and sparkly fall leaves and we made some fantastic runners. Basically, because of us, Thanksgiving was absolutely fabulous. :D

Hope it was grand for all of you in America too!

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