Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Kensington Museum Walk

Today Annie and I did our Kensington Museum walk. While it was kind of rainy, it stayed dry for most of it. I really enjoyed venturing off the normal beaten path to go behind the Hyde Park Chapel. I was surprised to find lots of cute alleyways with multicolored houses that used to be the mews. Also, there was this great park in front of the cathedral back there with big trees, all autum-y. I have to say, autum has to be my favorite season. Nothing really beats yellow/orange/red ivy on old stone or brick houses. ah. love it. Also, I still can't quite get over how much I love the Victoria/Albert museum. The other day I went there to sit and do my homework. I would write up a couple of assignments, and then get up and go to a different room and section until I found a suitable seat, and sit and do more work. It's HUGE. I still have so much exploring to do and I've been 2-3 times. The glass section was beautiful, but still my favorite is most definitely the room that has a ton of plaster molds of famous art like The David, Trajan's Column, The Gates of Paradise, and the entrance to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela! I could sit there forever...
But anyways, we kept going on the walk, and went in this old out of the way church. I loved the more simplistic style and the stained glass. Also, I loved the ceiling. It was architectually grand, but it was only painted with a very simple and plain design. I honestly sometimes think that these grand cathdrals get a little intense and ornate for my liking. Oh yes! The quote for the day came from Annie at the church. She was noticing how all of the depictions of the saints are depressing and solemn. I mean, who would want to be THAT serious all the time? Then we got to talking about how the only happy people depicted are either drunk or evil. To this she replied, "If I were a saint, I would want to be the Saint of Wine so I could at least look happy." Well done Annie. Well done.

Then we found Royal Albert Hall. It's quite large and round, but I still am a huge fan of this building as well. The only time that I've seen the inside though was on TV for the PROMS that they did early in September. It was hilarious though because most everyone was dressed up fancy, but then everyone had and were waving flags and were hitting beach balls around in the seats. So much for decorum England. ha.

For the rest of the day I've just been reading and getting ready for my Mystery midterm tomorrow. That is going to be great fun! Tomorrow is also the start of my first long weekend! Off to Stratford-Upon-Avon (home to shakespeare) and we're going to see Love's Labour's Lost by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Then we're off to Birmingham in the morning and Wales to see Croft Castle. Then on saturday we're going to a football game (Aston Villa v. Portsmouth) and the Cadbury Chocolate Factory! Random side note: the football tickets most definitely said: "If you are not an Aston Villa supporter, please return and get new tickets as soon as possible. Full refund available."
This is going to be GREAT I can tell! Go Aston Villa!

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