Tuesday, 28 October 2008


So this past weekend, we went off to Scotland! It began with leaving and walking with lots of purpose to the tube station. We were so lucky in our travel! We got to both of our tube lines and got on them right when they arrived (aka, no waiting time). We got to King's Cross right when they announced the platform for our train, so we were able to go and get on the train. It was a beautiful ride. We took advantage of taking our first JK Rowling appreciative pictures of writing on the train. When we arrived in Edinburgh, we decided to go with the wind..that turned out to be quite literal because it was the most windy place that I have EVER been in. The best part was that everything was green.

Even the statues were 'green-ing'--they couldn't keep the moss off! We walked around without a map going into churches and places just becasue we wanted to, ended up eating dinner, and then walking out of dinner and finding our hostel within, literally 2 mins. We were very Lucky. That night we went to Mary Poppins! It was a very magical show with people flying and tap dancing on the ceiling.

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